What is MESBuilder


MESBuilder is a development environment - unique in its kind - intended for system integrators, machine builders and end users for developing quickly and efficiently any customized Industry 4.0 systems that manage the operations on the top floor .

The applications that can be developed with MESBuilder connect the IT, the flexible world of work orders, recipes, scheduling, tracking, efficiency, reporting, quality measurements, material flows and maintenance, to the world of machines, robots or production lines, the OT.

10 reasons

Ten motivations to choose for MESBuilder



There are many providers on the market. About 500 MES packages, ERP systems with shopfloor extensions, cloud solutions and connectors. Someone who is about to select a system can't see the wood for the trees. These systems all have one thing in common : the software provider determines the data and the functionality.

Industry 4.0, however, requires flexibility and distinctiveness of production companies. A customized production management system is crucial to produce and deliver customized products. MESBuilder has tens of unique features to quickly realize custom systems. Any system integrator is able to develop its own MES package with its own functional modules.

The unique ten features:

For the development environment unique features are:

  1. In each MESBuilder system, the data is modeled, the system is generated. The customer determines what data he needs and in what format, nobody else.
  2. There is an extensive version management, with environments to test the system and environments for the live system
  3. MESBuilder offers standard functional modules - scheduling, downtime, maintance etc. The system integrator can develop its own reusable modules based on these modules. Basically he can develop it's own MES package.
  4. The developer is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. Customization takes place with c # and .Net

    For any run time system made with MESBuilder:

  5. Various data connectors to OT and IT, all redundant.
  6. MESBuilder generates a full stack system: ie, backend (databases), middleware and frontends (user interfaces). This is really unique and this is a lot of development time
  7. MESBuilder has unlimited possibilities in the middleware to accommodate the logic of operational processes. The middle ware layer is redundant for both the logic and the connectors.
  8. With MESBuilder you can choose from various backends to save the data. These are MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB. These are all common standard versions and open accessible (with the correct permissions). Of course, existing databases within a company can also be used. The backend is written redundant and synchronized in case of a service failure of one of the MESbuilder services.
  9. The middleware layer and the clients are entirely based on OPC-UA. This strong, safe and modern interoperability standard for industry offers many benefits. It is an open and accessible system (with the right permissions)
  10. Every runtime can be simulated before the system goes live.

MESBuilder is a generic development environment for operational management and can be used for any industry.


MESBuilder is a product of:


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We have our roots in system integration and industry automation. MESBuilder was developed from a vision that we missed with existing solutions and packages:

▪ Real reduction of engineering time

▪ Openness and flexibility

▪ Intraoperability

▪ Modern technology


MESBuilder works with various system integrators and has a network of trained engineers to take on your project if you do not plan to do the engineering yourself.


We offer training, consultancy and excellent support.


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A short demonstration of our product is obviously one of the components.